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Duration: 17 min
Hashtag: #AgencyAccelerator

Utilize the power of experimentation to improve online shopping experience, boost profitability and gain a serious competitive advantage.

Today Shopify is hands-down the most popular and comprehensive eCommerce solution out there, and it’s growing rapidly.

Which means that there are more and more successful Shopify stores, who are reaching the level where their current marketing and growth efforts are starting to return diminish returns.

They’ve put all their focus on new customer acquisition but now it’s getting harder and harder and more expensive.

Optimization and testing can take them to the next level, therefore more Shopify stores are looking into A/B testing.

However, it is widely misunderstood and hard to execute.

That is exactly why Emils Veveris is presenting this webinar. He has developed and ran successful optimization and a/b testing programs for several Shopify stores.

He will explain:

  • The types of online experiments and levels of sophistication and what makes the most sense for Shopify now (in majority of cases)
  • The right approach to A/B testing to achieve a positive ROI
  • And how to ensure your test ideas have the high potential for being a win and that ROI is delivered
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