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Duration: 1 hr
Hashtag: #GDPR

Beyond the 200 pages of jargon and staggering fines – what does GDPR mean for your optimization business?

Knowing everything about your traffic just became risky!

You’ve made data your “secret sauce”. You’ve made analytics your ally. And now you may have to change it all!

It’s scary. It’s imminent. It is GDPR.

Come May 28th, 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation act will be enforced to strengthen data privacy and protection of EU citizens.

1% – Companies and agencies that are (almost) GDPR compliant.

10% – Companies and agencies that are taking the right steps to get compliant.

89% – Companies and agencies that are asking the wrong questions, looking in the wrong places and doing the wrong things.

GDPR means many things.

But what does it mean for optimization agencies and experts?

In this webinar with GDPR consultant Polo Ortega and Conversion World community builder Manuel Da Costa, we cover:

  • What is GDPR: A quick introduction to the regulation
  • What GDPR means for optimization businesses and experts
  • 5 ways in which optimizers can start complying with the GDPR rules right away
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