99 Tests CRO Experts Run to Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Overcome the website hiccups that are killing your numbers with tests CRO experts recommend.

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Our CEO shares 99 tips that will lift click-throughs, sign-ups, and checkouts—across your entire site.

Learn to optimize your Support to build trust, and drive sales. Optimize your Checkout Process to reduce cart abandonments. Improve your Security Credentials to signal it’s safe to buy. Up your Site Goodwill to sell with social proof.

Want to boost conversions even more or seeking inspiration for your 1st A/B test? Either way, you’ll find something to love in this eBook.


Not a random compilation of tips. The content comes from our vast experience of hosting 30 billion tests & personalizations.


Covers support, security, reviews, policies, product presentation, navigation, checkout and more.


Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO @ Convert

Dennis is a vocal proponent of privacy in testing and a community builder who loves bringing knowledge from different sources to Convert’s tribe.

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