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Duration: 0:40 hr.
Hashtag: #ConvertAcademy

Don’t loose billable hours on going back and reconfigure your A/B testing tool on a new client. Get it right the first time.

This webinar is focused on agencies that are setting up new clients and want to have a checklist of things to think about. Since every hour missed counts and every interaction with the client’s IT department could possibly delay your project and billable hours and invoice.

This is valuable information for every A/B testing agency and expert that sets up a new client each month and has projects over 5,000 USD. In this presentation you will learn how:

  • You communicate with clients about the expectations of their first winning experiment
  • To communicate with client IT departments about site speed reduction, fall-over plans and security
  • You send the client a clear document with all the steps to follow and things to install
  • Explain the mapping between client templates and your A/B testing tool so to prevent retagging in the future
  • Verify your project and experiment setup using checklists and Chrome plugins

Join us on the webinar if you have experienced once a delay in your A/B testing project and for that reason you had to delay your invoice to the client due to things that could have been prevented.

This webinar will help you even if you use other A/B Testing tools like: Adobe Test, Sitespect, Monetate, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.

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