What Are A/B Testing Tools?

A/B split testing tools are software that websites, landing pages, and mobile apps utilize to test different versions of pages or features. A/B testing tools in general use the Z-test to distribute web traffic between two or more variations to prove a hypothesis. The theory is measured by a goal / KPI that involves increasing conversion rates.

How To Compare A/B Testing Tools

Here is a short list of questions to ask to consider when comparing A/B testing tools:

  • Technology used (Read our blog on why the blink matters.)
  • Monthly or yearly deals offered
  • What type of support offered (onboarding, training, chat, phone or email) and what are the support hours?
  • Can you invite your team (at Convert we call them collaborators) and add unlimited amount of domains and team members?

(no credit card required) and see if we offer the pricing, features, and support you need.

The Best A/B Testing Tools

To answer the question what are A/B testing tools or what are the best split testing tools, you have to separate the different A/B testing software into three categories: low (free), mid-range, and enterprise budgets. Here is a short overview of the best split testing tools for each budget type:

  • Low-range: Google Analytics Content Experiments is our favorite free A/B testing tool <link> in this category. You can also try our free Yoast plan for 5,000 unique visitors using A/B testing tools in WordPress. Get your free account of Yoast A/B testing plugin combo with Convert Experiences.
  • Mid-range: These tools don’t break the bank and are professional enough for agencies, e-commerce and online marketers who see traffic between 100,000 and one million unique users (UUs) or unique visitors (UVs) a month. Visual Website Optimizer and Convert Experiences (Enjoy a free 15-day trial of Convert Experiences) are both good candidates, offering similar technology and usability in this price range.
  • Top-range: In this category, candidates like Adobe Target and Webtrends have plenty to offer, with a complete suite for enterprises. Both are more than $100,000 USD year investments. Our tool, Convert Experiences, offers accounts up to 500 million unique visitors annually at rates of 60%-75% below competitors in the enterprise range. We won’t come to your office to present our case, or send your employees all over the world for certified training, but you get all you need at a fraction of the cost. We can even manage the account for you.

Comparing Features of A/B Testing Tools

Some features you should compare and add to your shortlist criteria:

  • Does the tool allow monthly up and downgrades or are you locking yourself into annual contracts?
  • Can you get onboarding and training for your company and each team member?
  • Does the tool offer the number users and products required or do you need to upgrade?

If you are ready to experience Convert Experiences and our team of experts, we invite you to contact us for additional information.

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