Website A/B Testing Tools

There are different audiences for A/B testing tools. Website A/B testing tools are the most common ones used by marketers, followed by A/B testing tools for landing pages that are often integrated within the landing page software. At Convert we offer four types of A/B testing tools:

Understanding these different categories you can see each has to offer and if they fit your needs. Some hybrid tools are used for multiple scenarios, but each fills a special need and skill set within implementation and creating conversion optimising experiments.

Landing Page and Website A/B Testing Tools

Most closely related to each other are the landing page and website A/B testing tools. Website A/B testing tools, in general, are often installed on over a web page such as an application, landing page, and e-commerce page. Anything that has HTML formatted output (even Sharepoint and Wix) will allow editing and testing by a website A/B testing tool.

Landing pages are typically created in the closed environment of the application used to create the landing. Most of these applications have A/B testing included: for example Unbounce, LanderApp, and Clients of our A/B testing software, Convert Experiences can install the software on top of landing pages, but that is typically reserved for an A/B test with a more advanced audience and relates more to personalization.

Mobile Apps and Website A/B Testing Tools

Mobile app A/B testing tools like Splitforce, Arise, Abba, and Apptimize are just some of the mobile A/B testing tools that focus on testing inside mobile apps. (see a full list of 20 mobile testing tools) Unlike website A/B testing tools, this specific segment works with technology that must be incorporated at the moment of building (so called SDK’s). Website A/B testing tools are often installed using an additional script on the web page that tracks visitors and makes changes to the website.

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