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A suite of advanced features to gauge user engagement, improve targeting effectiveness & optimize all stages of your funnel

Scroll Percentage Goal

Trigger goals based on the scroll depth of your visitors. Set “page read” value to 25%, 50%, 75%, or something more tailored to your unique needs. Measure the impact of your content and your landing pages on user engagement, without coding hassles.

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Come rain, hail or snow - your site experiences will always resonate with your traffic. Target audience segments based on local weather events like the possibility of precipitation or clear sunny skies.

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Why waste the insights your traffic hands you in the form of past interactions? With this powerful feature you can leverage the history of goals completed on your site to target high value audience segments with timely personalizations, or more A/B tests.

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Transparency, security and compliance come to the forefront with the Convert Experiences change log. This centralized stream of activity spans all projects in your account, controls and monitors access of information in the company and serves as an audit trail during incident reviews.

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What do you do if your hypothesis calls for testing an element across all stages of your funnel? Multipage experiments come to the rescue. With this versatile feature you can modify different items (especially recurring ones like badges), across multiple pages, to follow your prospects from the start of their journey to the finish. Build in the WYSIWYG editor and forget coding woes.

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The secure token based Convert API lets you create new tests and experiences, retrieve and modify settings and generate reports and overviews for the entire application. This is especially developed for CRO agencies, organization with a high testing velocity, and developers interested in integrating into the Convert Experiences Suite.

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Convert takes data privacy and security seriously. And Convert Experiences is a prime example of this commitment. With two factor authentication you secure your accounts and add much needed layers of protection to your testing system.

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