Mobile A/B Testing

Mobile A/B testing has two facets: A/B testing tools for mobile apps and A/B testing for mobile websites. If you are interested in using Convert for A/B testing for mobile sites, you found the right page. At the moment, A/B testing tools for mobile apps is not supported by Convert Experiences.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is comparing two versions of a landing page, web page or mobile app feature. The comparison is done to determine which version is best for a specific goal, revenue (in the case of products) or to improve a website’s conversion rate. The process of conversion optimization has more tools than only A/B testing,  heat maps, surveys and analytics play an important part.

What is Split Testing?

Split Testing and A/B Testing are very similar. Split testing tools use existing, but different web pages, and software (like Convert Experiences) that randomly assigns pages (or URL’s) to different visitors. When the original URL is loaded, a fast redirect prevents the visitor from seeing it, and they see only the proposed variation.

Comparing Mobile A/B Testing Solutions

There are really only two major A/B testing solutions that we compare to – VWO and Optimizely. We made a comparison of A/B testing software with all three options offering A/B testing on mobile sites. (see our screenshots below)

A/B Testing on Mobile Sites

A/B Testing on Tablet Devices

A/B testing software development for online A/B testing tools is easy, and most of the dedicated conversion optimization agencies can handle the full process. Convert offers also managed accounts and dedicated development of variations based on mock-ups and recommendations. Contact us to review our solutions or .

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