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Software Integrations


Convert Experiences code as well as eCommerce Integration is activated in this nopCommerce open source plugin


nopCommerce Extension for Convert Experiences is a add-on for the popular nopCommerce a system used by tens of thousands of shops all over the world and Convert Experiences now offers integration with one click using this extension.

In addition the basic javascript installation of the header script, this plugin automatically tags important nopCommerce page content for use within Convert.com’s suite of tools. This allows you to target specific pages like categories, product SKU’s, product names and pricing (available in plan: Expert, Agency and Enterprise).


  • Copy the Widgets.Convert directory to the Plugins directory of the nopCommerce web application.
  • Log into the Administration website of the nopCommerce installation.
  • Click on Configuration -> Plugins.
  • When the Plugins page appears, click “Reload list of plugins”.
  • When the page refreshes, you should see the newly added Widgets.Convert plugin. Click the Install link next to the plugin.
  • When installation completes, the Configure link appears. Click on it.
  • On the Plugin Configuration screen, enter the necessary information, such as your Convert Client ID and Project ID, and click Save.
  • Click on Content Management -> Widgets.
  • Click the Edit button next to the Convert Experiences widget and set the Is Active check box, then click Update.
  • The Convert Experiences widget should now show as active in the list.

This completes installation of the plugin. You can test the operation of the plugin by viewing the HTML source of nopCommerce pages and looking for the Convert Experiences Javascript coding in the Head tag of the page.

You must have a Convert.com account to use this extension. Please be sure to sign up first.

  • Download the free extension from Microlite Software by clicking on the right Download button (no need to register!)
  • Use the downloaded file upload to the right nopCommerce location to install the extension
  • Copy your project number from Convert Experiences into the extension configuration field and Save (see screenshot below)
  • Clear any site cache to ensure that the extension is running on all nopCommerce

Ecommerce Tagging

Ecommerce for Agency & Enterprise plans are available, see the following integrations that are available with this plugin:

  • Page Type – the page type from the nopCommerce in use on the page
  • Category ID – the nopCommerce category id will be returned
  • Category Name – the nopCommerce category name will be returned
  • Customer ID – nopCommerce customer id number (when customer is logged in)
  • Product Name – nopCommerce product name will be returned
  • Product Price – nopCommerce product price will be returned
  • Product SKU – nopCommerce product SKU will be returned


  • Easy installation of A/B testing (no coding required)
  • Testing on categories and specific pages by select these in Convert Experiences (we sync all names)
  • Deciding what variation wins based on conversion rates (CR), revenue per visitor (RPV) or order items.


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  • Ecommerce Integration


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