How to Improve Conversion Rates?

Improving conversion rates is not easy, but here is a quick 12-point checklist on how to improve conversion rates – get started the right way, today.

1. Start A/B testing

Improving conversion rates starts with a clear understanding of what pages are worth testing. Select high traffic pages with a high bounce rate, the ones with 20%-50% more bounce-rate then your site average, then add surveys, heat maps and visitor session recording tools to those pages. Understand what’s wrong and build a 2-3 variation A/B test using Convert Experiences ()

2. Create clear value propositions

Do you know why your product is awesome? Great! If your clients keep repeating that same message, that is something you should include as a value proposition on the key conversion pages. Reinforcing that value proposition will increase your conversion rates… A/B test it.

3. Set up a sales funnel

Set up a clear sale funnel in Google Analytics, Mixpanel or KISSmetrics and improve the conversion rates from each step to the next. These little steps will add up in the end.

4. Remove the jargon

You want to improve the ROI of your campaigns so that CAC  is bigger than the LTV  using multiple channels, but we know the attribution of these multi-channel campaigns remains a problem. How to solve it? That’s hard to answer but what is obvious here is that very few people understand ROI, CAC, LTV and other terms. Using them you exclude a lot of people, don’t.

5. Address objections

Why don’t they buy? Go over the last 300 support and customer service tickets and collect feedback from sales and support. This will give you the insight to what copy needs to be added to address and remove the objections.

6. Increase trust

You are top rated on BBB and Norton trust’s your SSL certificate –  add this to your site. Proof that your products can be trusted helps, don’t overdo it and test which messages work for your conversion rates.

7. Make it easy to buy from you

Don’t make consumers jump through hoops to buy. If you can cut a full step of your funnel, do so. Merging the cart and checkout could just eliminate a big obstacle.

8. Communicate value

What is so awesome about your product? Show the benefits and value on the homepage. It should be possible to communicate it in 140 characters.

9. Offer social proof

Mentions in magazines, were your products on TV? Add them to your homepage. All A-brand clients can help you build that credibility.

10. Remove distractions

Does every page need that twitter and facebook button? Just think about it.

11. Reduce or remove risk

110% money back guarantee… How many people go for that refund? Try to find ways to reduce the risk of buying.

12.  Add incentives to take action

Encourage buyers to take action now. When faced with either 90% or 100% of a possible future sale, I’ll take 90% now, you?

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