Google Webmaster Tools A/B Testing

Google webmaster tools A/B testing is available within Google Analytics as a feature called Content Experiments and possibly soon as Google Optimize. There are not many free  A/B testing tools, but this option is a good example of simple A/B split testing.

Is Google Webmaster Tools A/B Testing the right name?

No, the evolution of Google’s A/B testing tool started with Google Website Optimizer followed by Google Analytics Content Experiments and possibly soon as Google Optimize. Even though many people confuse the names, “Google Webmaster Tools A/B Testing” is not a real tool. Google Webmaster Tools is the interface where SEO experts find the best information on the ranking and ranking problems using the Google Search Engine. It is not an interface for A/B testing.

What are other A/B Testing Tools?

The best A/B testing software is typically found in the products found on most top ten lists. To help you cut through the marketing messages, Convert put together this a/b testing software comparison chart. You will find the most popular tools compared to Convert Experiences, including comparing the features of Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), and Optimizely, with pricing comparisons included.

Why are tools for a/b testing so popular?

A/B testing is very popular because it is one of the few marketing avenues that demonstrate verifiable improvements within 1-2 weeks. It is faster and less expensive option than setting up pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Also, the results of A/B test experiments are longer lasting. When the best results are implemented, they optimize the funnel with a long lasting effect. When you are finished with the A/B testing software the results continue.

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