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Simplify the permissions and privacy maze post GDPR with a handy, pre-filled LIA template.

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Marketers and lead gen specialists have taken a big hit with the privacy drives.

Explicit consent hasn’t made life easier.

While misusing personal data is never any brand’s intention, permissions can often get confusing, sub-optimal and tricky.

There is another way out though. The concept of Legitimate Interest.

If your subscribers have displayed all the signs of being engaged with your content or your products, you can send them related information based on their past history of interactions.

This is a thin line. And you should only use Legitimate Interest in place of consent, after conducting a Legitimate Interest Impact Assessment.

Here’s Convert’s tried and true, pre-filled template to guide you.

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We are the only A/B testing solution in the market that doesn’t store personal data. We take privacy very seriously. This template has been designed by Convert and used to successfully streamline our marketing drives.


What is Legitimate Interest? How should you tackle the different considerations involving legitimate interest? This template comes pre-filled to guide your path ahead.


Dionysia Kontotasiou

Dionysia Kontotasiou, Head of Privacy @ Convert

Dionysia handles data protection and tool integrations at Convert. She also pens tech focused deep dive articles of our blog.

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