How Is Full-Stack Defined by Convert, VWO, Optimizely, & More?

Full-stack shopping can throw testers for a loop.

Because vendors have different takes on the concept of full-stack experimentation.

For some, full-stack is a separate product.

For others, it is part of the familiar web-testing interface.

Some price by tested users… Some by seats used.

We’ve compared the key full-stack features of 8 of the most popular A/B testing apps, in an easy-to-skim, head-to-head breakdown.

8 Vendors Analyzed
51 Comparison Points
Easy to Skim Figma File
Full Stack Tools Comparison Cover Image

Take a Peek… Then Download the Rest




Tested users/mo
Entry: 100K
Specialist: 400K
Pro: 700K
Enterprise: > 1.5M
Starter: Up to 50k
Growth: 10k to 500k
Pro: 10k to 2M
Enterprise: 10k to 5M
Free Rollouts: 100k
Rollouts Plus: 500k
Accelerate: 500k
Scale: 500k
Annual Price $2,389 - $12,233 $11088 to $161016 Gated pricing
Feature flags/toggles Yes Yes (Limited in Starter & Growth) Yes
Web experimentation Yes Separate product Separate product
API Access Yes Priced separately (add-on) Yes

Like what you see?

The Figma file contains 51 comparison points for 8 vendors - Convert (that’s us), VWO, Optimizely, LaunchDarkly,, Amplitude, Kameleoon, and AB Tasty.

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