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Slow Business Shouldn’t Mean Stagnation. Here are Concrete Ways in Which Optimizers Can Hone Skills During Lockdown.

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Participate in #COVIDCRAP

Want to give to struggling brands, while working on your optimization skills? Become a part of the #COVIDCRAP movement on LinkedIn and come up with creative solutions to real business roadblocks.

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Always wanted to try out a new A/B testing tool, but never had the time? Now you do! You can start by exploring Convert Experiences.

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Been working with Convert Experiences? Apply to get certified with us. We’ll give you a shiny new badge to put on your site, plus lots of exposure opportunities.

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Now is the perfect time to create some strong case studies based on past wins. If you are a Convert Certified Partner, we’ll help you write it up and distribute it for you.

Care about Privacy

Privacy concerns are here to stay. Use the down time to further understand what privacy focused changes are on the horizon, and how they’ll impact your optimization efforts.

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We have been creating content for optimizers like you for over 10 years. And we’ve added the best to our Academy. Learn about hypothesis generation, watch webinars about E-commerce growth, and take a deeper dive into why A/B testing tools flicker (and ours doesn’t)!

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