In-Depth Education From Global Experts: What Should You Do In a Post GO World?

Google Optimize will sunset 30th September 2023. And you must find an alternative. How to choose the right tool, how to make sense of comparison tables, how to plan and deploy tests well - a series of high education sessions to help you out.

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Explore what we’ve done in the past.

Checkout Optimization in the Wild: With Alun Lucas & Andra Baragan.

From Expert to Agency: 3 Things CRO Agencies Must Know to Succeed. With Ryan Levander.

Using the Power of Content to Grow Your CRO Agency.

With this series, our aim is to:

  • ✅ Help you wrap your head around what the sunset means for you (in your country)
  • ✅ The (unbiased) alternatives in the market
  • ✅ What you need to succeed with experimentation (in a post GO world)
  • ✅ How to pick the best fit tool (One vendor isn’t the automatic choice)
  • ✅ How to go into 2024 with better experimentation outcomes than 2023
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