Compare A/B Testing Tools

To properly compare A/B testing tools you should understand some basic differences between the commonly used tools. There are four categories of A/B testing tools:

Mobile App Testing

Finding the best A/B testing tools for mobile apps can be a challenge. New tools are constantly flooding the market, and there is a confusing mix of free, paid, beta and open-source. What to choose? We compiled this overview of the top 14 A/B testing tools for mobile apps.

Website A/B testing tools

Website A/B testing tools are the most common ones used by marketers, followed by A/B testing tools for landing pages that are often integrated within the landing page software. There are also email A/B testing tools, but these are not typically available as a stand-alone solution.

App Store Optimization (ASO) testing tools

A/B split testing tools that focus on App Store Optimization by changing images and text are called ASO. Two most popular tools are StoreHaven and SplitMetrics, and they mainly allow you to run A/B tests on icons, screenshots for App Store and Google Play.

A/B Split Testing Tools

A/B split testing tools are a combination of A/B testing and split testing tools and do very similar things. Usually using the Z-test, they distribute traffic between two or more variations of a website, web page or group of pages to prove a hypothesis. The theory is measured by a goal / KPI that involves increasing conversion rates.

Split-testing involves existing, but different web pages made in advance, and the tool (like Convert Experiences) randomly assigns a different URL to each. Loading the original URL, a fast redirect is used to prevent the visitor from seeing the original when a variation is presented. The A/B tests don’t need to have different pages created as the page is manipulated inside the visitor’s browser using Javascript and the same URL is displayed to all test groups.


All four ways to test: A/B testing tools for mobile apps, website A/B testing tools, App Store Optimization (ASO) and split testing tools have great value. They most often contribute greatly to the conversion rate optimization strategy of your company. and start improving revenues now.

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