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Omnitail is a Convert Premium Agency Partner.

About the Agency Partner

The number one goal at Omnitail is to provide greater accountability and performance to its customers.

Omnitail is all about growing e-commerce brands by paying close attention to the health of each customer’s business while solving for real challenges most ad platforms or agencies usually miss. 

When you partner with Omnitail you find the intersection of marketing, talent, and tech — all working together to provide you with data and insights on the operational metrics most important to a growing e-comm brand: COGS, variable overhead, returns & cancellations, and more. 

By analyzing, adapting, and acting in the best interest of your business and goals, Omnitail becomes the partner for continuous growth you need now and for years to come.

3X Profit Run Rate Year/Year

For HeadlightsDepot.

140% Increase in New Customer Revenue


40% Increase in Revenue

For St. Bernard.

Services Include:

Conversion Rate Optimization

Paid Social & Creative

Search Engine Marketing

Amazon Marketing

Google Shopping

Thought Leadership From Omnitail

The incisive style of content at Omnitail cuts straight to the heart of the matter and directly answers questions that don’t have satisfactory (or definitive) explanations in the experimentation space.

Is Test Velocity a Good Metric For Experimentation Programs?

Test velocity has pros and cons. While it can be one of the metrics you monitor, it can’t be the sole metric.

Can I Run an A/B Test Longer Than Planned?

The simple answer is yes. But with conditions. If the original test wasn’t set up right or if the experiment was planned for a short duration, letting an A/B test run a while longer isn’t a crime.

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