The Best Split Testing Tools

The best split testing tools come in three categories: low (free), mid-range, and enterprise budgets. A short overview of the best split testing tools for each budget type:

  • Low-range: Google Analytics Content Experiments is our favorite free A/B testing tool in this category. You can also get our free Yoast plan for 5,000 unique visitors for your A/B testing tools in WordPress. While it has limited features it will get the job done and has a visual editor for A/B testing that Google’s does not offer. Get a free year account of Yoast A/B testing plugin combo for Convert Experiences.
  • Mid-range: These are tools that do not break the bank and are professional enough for agencies, e-commerce and online marketers with traffic between 100,000 and 1 million unique users (UUs) or unique visitors (UVs) a month. Visual Website Optimizer and Convert Experiences () are both good candidates, offering similar technology and usability in this price range.  You will find Convert Experiences in most cases between 30%-40% more affordable with this level of traffic volume.
  • Top-range: In this category, candidates like Adobe Target and Webtrends have plenty to offer, with a complete suite for enterprises. Both are more than $100,000 USD a year investments. If you are looking for a straight-forward tool for high rates of traffic, Convert Experiences A/B testing software offers accounts up to 500 million unique visitors annually at rates of 60%-75% below competitors.

This is a short overview of the best split testing tools that are available in the market. For an overview of the individual features, check out our A/B testing tools comparison matrix. If you are ready to start A/B testing today, (no credit card required.)

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