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Crisis to Opportunity E-commerce Workshop: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Store Over the Next 6 Months

3 expert speakers. Decades of e-commerce optimization experience. Millions in revenue generated. Actionable advice you can use right away.

Your Presenters:

Dexter Agency + Swanky + Bluelambda

Your Presenters:


E-commerce is probably going through one of the biggest upheavals in recent memory.

Popular product categories are tanking. New best-sellers are emerging. And how people buy has shifted for good.

If you’re tired of discussion panels, this is different. We understand that crisis breeds opportunity. After all, Convert.com was born in the financial crisis of 2008!

But agility is key. You have to move NOW to grow over the next 6 months.

We’ve brought together three e-commerce experts with decades of experience in the industry to help you gain this momentum.

The workshop will have 3, 15-minute segments choc full of already proven ideas you can apply to your business, without needing to sit through long lectures.

Joris Bryon, the author of e-commerce staple “Kill Your Conversion Killers with The Dexter Method™” will share his best-performing email tactics to turn newly acquired buyers into regular consumers.

Matt Abbott of Swanky – one of the leading CRO agencies in the UK – will walk you through his toolkit of user research, review, loyalty program, and subscription test ideas to quickly identify what’s working and scale it.

Allow E-commerce ninja Francis Teo of Bluelambda to position your store as a market leader. He’ll go over how he has leveraged Facebook ads and a good globalized logistics setup to expand sales for his clients.

Each segment will end with ONE concrete step you should take once you finish this workshop, and also share a free resource to make this progress possible.

This webinar is hosted by Convert +
Dexter Agency + Swanky + Bluelambda

Actionable advice you can use right away. Join Us!

EPISODE #21: Crisis to Opportunity E-commerce Workshop: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Store Over the Next 6 Months

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