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The Starbucks CRO Secret: Rake in Conversions & Up LTV with Endowed Progress

Steal Starbucks’ Winning Strategy to Motivate and Convert Traffic.

Keegan Brown

Director of Strategy at Megethos Digital

Keegan Brown

Keegan Brown is the Director of Strategy for Megethos Digital. He is a data driven conversion rate optimization influencer who also likes experimenting with the emotional side of testing. Keegan brings his love of words and his paid media expertise to CRO creating a unique take on optimization that simplyworks.


Duration: 52 Min

Starbucks has used it to win millions of new buyers!

When you leverage this little trick, people are almost 2X more likely to opt into your offers, buy your products and become your fans.

We’re talking about something called “Endowed Progress”.

Simply put, you give people a goal.

And then you give them a head start. Or the impression of a head start.

Studies have shown that humans like to leave other humans behind. When they get that head start, they work doubly hard to make good use of it.

Applying Endowed Progress in your funnels gives your conversion optimization effort the boost it needs.

That’s why for this episode of the Agency Accelerator, we have invited Keegan Brown of Megethos Digital to walk you through how Endowed Progress done right can be a testing game-changer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The science behind Endowed Progress
  • A step-by-step framework to apply it in your funnels
  • The CRO rebellion. Why more form fields can actually be a good thing!
  • Real life case studies showing massive growth in leads from testing Endowed Progress

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Megethos Digital

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The Starbucks CRO Secret: Rake in Conversions & Up LTV with Endowed Progress

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