A/B Testing Tools for WordPress

There are many A/B testing tools for WordPress with interesting features. When your organization is looking to A/B test themes or widgets inside WordPress, you need a plugin that integrates with the backend. Convert Experiences has developed an A/B testing WordPress plugin together with Yoast. Find the Convert Experiences A/B testing plugin here.

The A/B testing plugin for WordPress is an excellent solution for larger organizations that wish to do the following A/B experiments:

  • Split test a complete website that has a new theme and content
  • Split test multiple pages in different categories
  • Test revenue based e-commerce sections of the website.

The plugin is free and comes with a 5,000 unique visitor Yoast plan with no charges for twelve-months when you sign up here.

A/B testing tools for WordPress usually require a premium subscription, but at Convert we are giving you a free A/B testing tool. Run A/B experiments and split URL tests at no cost and when you are ready to upgrade to a paid plan we’ll give you a $20 USD discount –  making our most affordable plan even more affordable.

To get the best start with your A/B testing software we recommended reading up on the following topics:

  • What is A/B Testing?
  • What is Split Testing?
  • What is Multivariate Testing?
  • Sample Size Calculator
  • How to Improve Conversion Rates

At Convert, we encourage you to visit our Conversion Optimization Academy where you can learn more about A/B testing. View the dozens of webinars we offer from copywriting to PPC and e-commerce, all available on-demand.

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