A/B Testing Tools Review

To review A/B testing tools you can use an overview by WhichMVT combined with our A/B testing tool comparison checklists. The results will help you find the best options in the market, but first hand experience will convince you which one to choose. Once you’ve reviewed your options, request a demo of your shortlisted providers.

What other people say about Convert Experiences?

Here’s what some of our clients wrote in their Convert Experiences A/B testing tool reviews.

“Convert has been instrumental in improving the conversions of our online campaigns. The ease of use of their software Convert Experiences has not only improved the launch time of tests but also provide more confidence in the winning test numbers. As anyone that work with Conversion Optimization, statistical significance is huge. With that being said the other big thing Convert.com has going for it, is it’s customer service team. When there have been issues (most of which caused by me) they have been quick to respond, solve and teach.” Michael Bowen of MindGruve

Comparing Features of A/B Testing Tools

Some features you should compare and add to your shortlist criteria:

  • Does the tool allow monthly up and downgrades or are you locking yourself into annual contracts?
  • Can you get onboarding and training for your company and for each team member?
  • Does the tool offer the number of product and users you need or do you need to upgrade for this?

Convert Experiences has presented a solution that not only makes testing easy, but also removes the technical barriers to dynamic, sitewide testing, improves intelligence with more testing options, and integrates with Google Analytics to boot!” Kevin Eichelberger of Blue Acorn

If you are ready to experience Convert Experiences and our team of experts we invite you to please contact us for additional information.

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