A/B Testing Tools Open Source

If you are looking for A/B testing tools (open source) you have come to the right place. At Convert although our A/B testing tool is paid we are committed to sharing A/B testing knowledge to improve the information available to those who are just getting started. With this in mind we compiled a list of all the open source projects we like to keep our eye on.

List of 7 “Free” A/B Testing Tools (Open Source)

Enterprise A/B Testing Tools

When selecting an open source A/B testing tool for your enterprise you often need to find a way to support it. At the moment of the writing of this article (October 2015) we are not aware  of any A/B testing tools (open source) that are supported by an organization with a service level agreement or with updated documentation. Looking at the list above we have added the links to documentation and sorted by most active ones.

  1. ABBA, 1182 stars / 62 forks
  2. SIXPACK 916 stars / 84 forks
  3. SkyLab 565 stars / 25 forks (not updated last 12 months)
  4. ABalytics 573 stars / 34 forks (not updated last 12 months)
  5. Confidence.JS 446 stars / 17 forks (not updated last 12 months)
  6. Genetify 366 stars / 30 forks (not updated last 12 months)
  7. Switchboard 169 stars / 30 forks (not updated last 12 months)

We know you’ll find the right open source tool for your A/B testing needs and we are here to help you with a solution when you’re ready.  Together with your team we can roll-out as quickly as today. Contact us today to convert more tomorrow.

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