A/B Testing Software Development

Developing inside an A/B testing software frame working requires experience with CSS and jQuery (JavaScript). Most A/B testing tools work with jQuery to build their variations that modify the DOM. There are different A/B testing software <link> providers and most of whom work with Javascript. This is an interesting area to specialize in, as once mastered, your expertise will be applicable on multiple platforms.

A/B Testing Software Development Example

When using the visual editor of Convert Experiences (our A/B testing tool) you will find that the variation code after using the drag and drop option of moving a logo (on Google.com for example) and hiding a form button becomes available for modification.

A/B Testing for Developers

convert._$('TD > SPAN.ds:nth-of-type(2)').hide();

Understanding that you have two ways to modify makes it simple to change anything on the website in question:

  • Modify the DOM after the DOM-ready is fired (all code has been loaded)
  • Modify the DOM before the DOM-ready is fired (some code will be available)

The second version allows you to loop through code and when available replace it while the body is hidden. This method, in most scenarios, is the best way to create an experience for the visitor and ensure they do not see any blinking.

The blinking effect was well documented when we applied for the SmartInsert patent and understanding this allows you be one of the best in A/B testing software development.

Need Help With A/B Testing Software Development?

Besides managed accounts, Convert offers full service for developing variations based on supplied mockups and designs. We are experts in a/b testing software development.  We leave you to focus on your business (building a profitable online business) while we develop and fine tune the online experience – all at very affordable rates. Please contact us for custom software development using our platform.

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