A/B Split Testing Tools

A/B split testing tools are a combination of A/B testing and split testing tools and do very similar things. Usually using the Z-test they distribute traffic between two or more variations of a website, web page or group of pages to prove a hypothesis. The theory is measured by a goal / KPI that involves increasing conversion rates.

A/B split testing tools use the same URL and present a variation of that URL (without visitors knowledge), by modifying the DOM in the browser. Convert Experiences () edits the content before the page loads on the user’s device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and the variations are randomly displayed.

Split testing tools usually take a different approach when loading the variations. They use existing, but different web pages made in advance, and the tool (like Convert Experiences) randomly assigns a different URL to each. When the original URL is loaded a fast redirect prevents the visitor from seeing the original when a variation is presented.

To try free A/B testing tools like Google Content Experiments in Google Analytics is the improved version of the popular Google Website Optimizer and ABBA is a self-hosted A/B testing tool. For a comparison of paid versions of A/B split testing tools, we created an A/B testing tools comparison checklist online, where we compare the most popular options.

When looking for A/B testing software reviews we recommend WhichMVT, a website that examines a dozen products; while dated it helps you understand what the various tools offer. If you are ready to get started, we invite you to .

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