A/B Multivariate Testing Tools

Stand-alone A/B multivariate testing tools don’t exist. The tools we use are commonly called: A/B testing tools, split testing tools and multivariate testing tools. We often combine or mix the three names, but they are components of one tool.

Here we understand how each component functions:

  • A/B testing tools: Running A/B tests typically on the same URL with a testing tool like Convert Experiences, using a visual editor to make changes and build tests. Visitors will view one URL without knowing they are being tested on.
  • Split (URL) testing tools: Similar to A/B testing these tools use existing URL’s. The tool splits the visitor traffic between the pages you design.
  • Multivariate testing tools: In this instance you create experiments within sections on pages to see how they affect conversion rates. We explain this is more detail in this article.

What is the benefits of each A/B testing method (tool)?

We know that “A/B multivariate testing tools” is a method within the larger tool. Understanding what each method does for your business and when to choose them is important.

  • A/B testing tools: Great for quick tests like headlines, hiding columns or specific elements on the page. Changing the CSS look and feel but if you want to drastically alter a page most A/B tests are custom developed in jQuery (a form of Javascript) and can require development resources. (Convert Experiences’ team offer full-service development when you need it.)
  • Split (URL) testing tools: Development of these tests happen within your site but use multiple URL’s. This can be challenging to manage on e-commerce product pages, for example. They’re great for testing single pages or entire websites but less useful for large scale modification of content on multiple pages.
  • Multivariate testing tools: This method is useful when you have high volume traffic and are working with a professional conversion optimization team and you want to measure the impact of a specific modification.

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