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Special plan of WordPress A/B Testing Software, offered by Convert Experiences & Yoast

A/B Testing with Free Yoast Account & WordPress Plugin

A/B testing is one of the fastest methods to learn more about your visitors and their preferences. Our Convert Experiences software is primarily used for conversion optimization onsite and in landing pages.

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What do you get with this free Yoast plan?
  • Free 5,000 tested visitors per month
  • Free plan for 12 months
  • Free A/B and Split URL testing
  • Free Yoast WordPress Plugin
  • Upgrade discounts (of $20 USD) on all paid plans (plan starting at $69-$20 = 49 USD a month)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use Convert Experiences?

    Comparing Convert Experiences A/B testing software to something like Google Analytics Content Experiments is a question often asked by people that use this website optimizer tool since it is a free solution for website optimizer tool and it is the optimizer tool from Google. Our client switch because of the fact that testing with our visual editor are very easy compared to creating your own landing pages and installing a unique code for every experiment.

  • What are tested visitors?

    As it already says it is the number of visitors participating in tests. This is different from your website total unique site visitors. For example, if your total monthly traffic is 5,000 unique visitors and you run a test on all category pages of the ecommerce site which gets 2,000 unique visitors per month the tested visitors for 1 month is also 2,000 tested visitors. If you for example run an additional test for two weeks on all the product pages with 5,000 visitors in that period the total tested visitors now is 7,000.

  • Can I send my 80 million pageview site to your platform?

    We understand that we have your site in our hands and you want to make sure that nothing negative happens to it. We have one line of code that you need to install at the top of every page. This installation will cause virtually no delay on your site. In addition, we use Akamai Technologies, Inc. powerful content distribution network (CDN) Cloudfront to deliver your content fast and secure. We have several fallback systems that ensure that your site never experiences a delay, even if our 0.001% chance of server failure happens. The servers and your site-code are completely separated and independent. As to question about whether we can handle your load, the answer is “yes.” We already handle millions and millions of pageviews and so we can also handle your 80 million pageview site.

  • Do you allow multiple domains?

    Yes. We offer cross-domain functions for goal tracking, test and target, and we offer all this out of the box. We will support any number of websites, domains, intranets, extranets, and e-commerce sites.

  • Can I reach you when I really need you?

    We offer support by phone, email, chat, and tickets in our support area. If you really need additional help, we can even develop the test for you if you give us an HTML file or high-quality mock-up (at an extra charge). For business and enterprise clients, we will come in person to support your team in the office – now that’s service.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade easy?

    Yes. Simply login to your account and select a different plan, and we will instantly up- or downgrade you and credit any difference in price pro rata.

  • I have more questions, so how can I contact you?

    Please send an email to info@convert.com or call sales at +1-888-666-9711 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST) or send a note to:
    Convert Insights Inc.
    340 South Lemon Avenue #9512
    Walnut, CA 91789
    United States

  • What exactly can I expect in delay due to the code?

    The code is asynchronous and adds little load time to any of your pages (anywhere from 0.02 to 0.2 seconds in some cases). If placed in the recommended location (right behind the title HTML tag), you will not notice this load-time on the page or a blink while switching the original version for the variation that you are testing.

  • Be honest, where do things go wrong?

    You might see delays on your site if you decide to place the code anywhere else but right behind the tag. This is simply due to the nature of our technology. So follow the installation instructions and avoid this delay. We have e-commerce sites that depend heavily on javascript and ajax-style structures. For those, you might need a developer to help to get your test running well. We can help or you can outsource the building the tests.

  • How do you integrate with Google Analytics?

    We send custom variables with test data to Google Analytics so you can run detailed reports in there.

  • What are Essential Features?

    Essential Features are important for every client to have at any plan, the features are: A/B and Split URL Testing, Unlimited Tests, Unlimited simultaneous tests, Unlimited variations, Unlimited Goals, Unlimited Clients, Unlimited Domains, Site-wide and Multiple Page Tests, Lead Scoring, Email Support, Easy One Tag Integrations, Visual Editor, Advance CSS/HTML/JS editor, Real Time Results, Automatic Goal Tracking, Google Analytics Integration and PDF Export

  • Do you have an enterprise plan?

    Yes, please send an email to sales@convert.com or call sales at +1-888-666-9711 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST) we support enterprise needs up to 100 million unique visitors tested, with personal service, excellent SLAs and awesome support.

  • Can I cancel my subscription easily?

    Yes. The Yoast plan is free for 12 months but we offer a monthly discounted billing period for Yoast plugin users and you can cancel at any time during that month to stop the billing process without any stipulations. Your data will remain available in your account for three months, just in case you decide to reactivate our services.

  • Will you cancel my account if we get too many tested users or pageviews?

    We understand that on any day that you get tons of traffic you do not want us to cut the line, for the free plan we have to do this unfortunately. You have no need to worry if you sign-up for a paid version, as we will keep your account open and signal you that your tested users are up for the month and will ask you to upgrade to the next plan. If you have a paid plan, we will offer you extra thousand of users for a small additional fee. We are pleased when your business grows and therefore we will not penalize you for being successful. Instead, we like to grow with you.

  • Can I download your software onto our server?

    Our service is a software service model. With that, you can access your data all the time, so you do not need install or download anything onto your servers. Adding just one snippet of code on your site will then do all of the “magic”.

  • Can I have multiple clients in one account?

    No, in the Yoast plan there are no collaborator options. Every paid account from small to big allows multiple projects that you can use for as many clients as needed. So unlimited projects, unlimited domains and unlimited clients. The tested visitors are counted for your entire account so we are ready for any agency and you never have to worry about growing your client number. If your need for tests grows, you can upgrade to a higher account, if your need decreases you can downgrade.

  • What do I need to install to get started?

    One line of code right after the tag on every page of your website header is all it takes to get started with our service.

  • What technical skills will I need?

    Very few. You can email your developer the snippet of code to install and then you can edit any part of your site inside our tool. It does not matter what CMS or e-commerce system you have, building tests is still easy.

  • Do you support flash sites?

    Yes. We support the testing and replacement of flash elements, but for a complete flash website we cannot offer a testing solution.

  • What types of tests do you offer?

    We offer A/B testing, Split URL testing on all plans, most paid plans also include multivariate testing.

  • How does your e-commerce integration actually work?

    We track by default transactions, order items, and revenue from Google Analytics, but you can add additional variables on your e-commerce site or build or download plug-ins that give us the product name, SKU, price, page type, revenue, order items, and more data to target and get test results that not only show conversion rates, but also the actual impact of test variations on the revenue. Please note that this integration only works at Expert plans and beyond.

  • What type of cookies do you use?

    We offer first and third-party cookies for our service that stay active for one year. If you are worried about privacy, we will not store your clients’ IP addresses. We cache the IP to find the geo-location and then delete the IP and store a unique internal number for the visitor. Users can opt-out of our site for testing and tracking for all projects across all our clients and we offer an opt-out script that you can paste on your site.

  • How many tests can I have active at the same time?

    An unlimited number.

Partners and Clients

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  • Quadrant Marketing Solutions
  • Macdonalds Sporrans
  • Credit Card Assists
  • Ocean Feather
  • Own a Painting
  • Blue Acorn
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Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn
Kevin Eichelberger
Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn
Convert Experiences has presented a solution that not only makes testing easy, but also removes the technical barriers to dynamic, sitewide testing, improves intelligence with more testing options, and integrates with Google Analytics to boot!
Convert Insights has been instrumental in improving the conversions of our online campaigns. The ease of use of their software Convert Experiences has not only improved the launch time of tests but also provide more confidence in the winning test numbers. As anyone that work with Conversion Optimization, statistical significance is huge. With that being said the other big thing Convert.com has going for it, is it's customer service team. When there have been issues (most of which caused by me) they have been quick to respond, solve and teach.
Co-Founder, Quadrant Marketing Solutions
Jason Nicholl
Co-Founder, Quadrant Marketing Solutions
Convert Insights' thanks again for the great customer service. We knew Convert Experiences was top of the line, but what surprised us is its ease of use. We love that we no longer have to interact with some of our larger clients webmaster or IT department since the changes are in the cloud and not on their site. The options have been awesome and our clients love that we can show them measurable and exceptional results in a short time. Thank you for helping us be a hero to our clients
Owner, OwnaPainting.com
Brandon Fuhrmann
Owner, OwnaPainting.com
The team at Convert Insights' coaching has been eye opening and invaluable. The time and effort put in by them is extraordinary and they really work hard for you to succeed. I would recommend their services to absolutely anyone looking to make more money from their online business.