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Duration: 0:40 hr.
Hashtag: #ConvertAcademy

When setting up an A/B testing tool, did you ever analyze if your baseline went down by the decreased speed of installing another Javascript to your clients’ website? Mmmm you never checked?

Well we did the research and we found that your Javascript based A/B testing tool could hurt your baseline by 18% because of white pages and blinking experiments. So what tools use what technology and how does it really impact the experience.

  1. Are all A/B testing tools equal? No
  2. Was Obama leaving money on the table when A/B testing? Yes
  3. Is Your A/B testing tool hurting your baseline? Most likely

In this webinar we go over the technical details in a way you will be able to explain your client that their current software hurts their conversions and how you as an agency will be able to even lift the baseline after switching tools and assign that win to your agency’s effort. Optimizing your A/B Test for Speed is the key focus in this webinar.

Topics we will be discussing are:

  • When does an A/B testing tool actually loads it’s code?
  • How long does it take and does size matters?
  • What is the impact of the experience on the website of each different way to load your A/B testing tool?
  • What tag managers are A/B testing tool safe?

Every Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agency should know this material and we will be giving the slides out so you can use to help position yourself better as agency as an expert of conversion optimization.

Make sure to be there even if you are not a Convert Experiences certified agency or even use our A/B testing software, just be an awesome agency and know your stuff.

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